Cloud Accounting

Syneffo Solutions is a Bronze Partner for Xero and certified ProAdvisor for Quickbooks Online Accounting solutions. We provide service for 3 of the top 5 cloud accounting software for SMEs.

We continuously are in search for the best solutions, so we are ready to use other accounting software which will match our clients’ requirements.

Most of the SMEs do not maintain accounting books monthly. This is mainly due to complicated accounting terminologies and the in-house accounting software systems/team. Most SMEs are not aware of the monthly business profit, cost overrun areas and hidden liabilities. This is because accounting books are not closed monthly.

We provide simple solutions to your accounting problems. We will pass your accounting entries within 48 hours of getting the information, provide monthly income statement and statement of financial position. You only need to pass on the information using our mobile or desktop application to us and we will handle the rest. Bank reconciliation is automated upon connecting with your bank or after uploading the bank statement. If you have any point of sale system, eCommerce, website, payment gateway or other software where information is kept, we will integrate that as well.

We will run a checklist with you monthly to confirm that all the transactions are booked, and appropriate accrual entries are passed. All queries are handled within 24 hours to make sure that your business and its financials are immediately reflected in accounting entries.


We use Payrollpanda for Payroll solutions. Payrollpanda and Xero/Quickbooks are integrated to allow for easy usage.

Payrollpanda is a leading cloud-based payroll software for SMEs in Malaysia. We will work with you to gather all necessary information of attendance, employee salary details, leave management, PCB, EPF, EIS, SOCSO and this will be mapped onto the Chart of Accounts in Xero/Quickbooks. We will integrate the payroll to your banks and ensure the timely payment of salaries to your staff. We also take care of epayslip, yearly forms and payment files.

Employees can login to employees portal for self management and leave processes.

Virtual CFO

Our Virtual CFO services is an add-on service for the clients of Cloud Accounting service. Hiring in-house CFO for SME is a costly exercise.

Our Virtual CFO is a service that allows you to reap the full benefits of a CFO with a fraction of the cost. It includes yearly budget preparation, monthly financial review and analysis, meeting with top management and weekly virtual meetings with stakeholders. Our Virtual CFO will advise on expansion, feasibility, cash flow, investment, taxation matters and other ad hoc activities as per your need.

The Virtual CFO will also prepare a monthly management report with analysis and comparative numbers of budget, previous year performance and latest forecast.


Learning Managment

Our Learning Management (LMS) service is a open source system. We use Moodle which is a leading learning management open source tool. We customize and develop the leaning modules as per client need.

Our LMS service team will understand your requirements and develop LMS modules from your SOP and business requirements to concerned staff or department and as per the frequency needed. The LMS are prepared with graphics,multi-language and multi choose options so that you can analyse the data with ease.

Our LMS service team will continuously monitor the employee learning status and ensure that the learning reports are delivered to you in an efficient manner.

Business Process Automation

Our Business Process Automation service makes your office paperless. All the processes in your company are listed and can be automated using Kissflow software. We will design the process map and the steps needed to complete the process.The process design will automate the authority and responsibility matrix of the organisation.

Processes such as Purchase Order approval, Fixed Assets location transfer, Employee Performance Evaluation, Credit Note approval, etc. are some of the processes which need to be passed on within an organisation and departments to approve and execute. We will automate these processes which can be approved using our application.All these processes are archived and reviewed to check the efficiency of timing it took for each step in the process and any inefficiency can be eliminated for continuous improvement.